WHAT is your examined life? 

Your Examined Life (YEL) is a test preparation experience unlike any other. 

If your student has already taken or is preparing to take the ACT or the SAT, the YEL experience can dramatically increase scores through a proven, reliable, and unique program.

The YEL experience brings out the best in your student, raises confidence, and, combined with ambition, hard work, and drive, delivers the scores you need to get into the best universities in the country.  

Call or email today to set up an initial consultation and put your student on the path to success.

Phone: 224-578-1754      

Email: yourexaminedlife@gmail.com

Summer is the perfect time to start act/sat prep

  • Ultimate flexibility with days/times
  • Excellent way to maintain an academic focus in the summer
  • Build the foundation for ACT/SAT tutoring during the busy school year
  • Get a head start on everyone else
  • Ensure that your student gets the help he or she needs

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