First and foremost, I am a working teacher.  With over ten years of teaching experience at the high school level, I have figured out how to connect with students, motivate them, and get them to believe in themselves.  I've inspired students to strive for greatness and I've pushed them when they were ready to give up.  Every year, I meet a new crop of students, find out what excites them, and work hard not only to bring history and government to life, but also provide them with a transformative preparation for the trials and tribulations of real life.  Through all of my time as a teacher, I have seen every kind of student and can approach, tutor, and cultivate a relationship with high school age students easily.

When I took standardized tests in high school, they seemed easy, natural.   I did really well, and it opened a lot of doors.  In 2006, when I first started tutoring for standardized tests, I took my own experience and applied it.  I knew the tests backward and forward, knew the tips and the tricks and the shortcuts.  But what I didn't know was how to effectively teach those things.  And this is precisely what I've learned to do effectively and efficiently over the past decade.  Every new student I encounter is a chance to get to know an individual, build a relationship, and figure out the unique ways in which the student learns.  From there, teaching the rest is simple.  

I've discovered that the most important ingredient in test taking is confidence.  A student who believes wholeheartedly that he or she can do well typically does.  And that is my specialty - building confidence.  True, deep confidence.  Over the past decade, I've kept up with all the latest changes in standardized tests, participated in workshops about them, and become an expert in test preparation.  But more importantly than that, I've tapped into how to increase student confidence and this forms the heart of the entire YEL experience.  

Over the past decade, I have worked with over one hundred students.  Every single one of them improved on their scores.  Some by more than ten points.  This is a proven track record and a reliable system.  I stand by it and urge you to do the same.

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