A PLACE TO LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF, and why things are they way they are.  


Modern life affords precious little opportunity to pause and reflect about oneself.  The stacks of responsibilities and obligations that are heaped upon every single one of us make it quite difficult to turn the lens inward and examine who it is that is actually at the core of our lives, namely ourselves.  Questions like "Who am I?" "Why am I this way?" "Do I have to be like this?" are all essential to any conscious endeavor to make our lives better but we simply don't ask them; rather, we choose mostly to plow along.  But they form a crucial component of the workshop, where participants not only get to ask themselves these essential questions, but are also afforded the luxury of an answer.


High school is a critical time for not only identity formation but also the development of lifelong habits, both positive and negative.  At this tender age, adolescents undergo changes that can make a big difference later in life and nurturing an awareness of what these changes are, how exactly they are taking place, and their overall effect can go a long way toward a more fulfilling adolescent experience.  Throughout the workshop, participants will examine their own lives, their own private histories and memories, all in an effort to confront themselves, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and work toward resolving the obstacles that appear to get in their way.