A PLACE TO REMEMBER HOW TO PLAY, all those games you used to play with such joy. 

As children, our range of activities was quite limited, whether by choice of those who raised us or because we didn’t need all that much for satisfaction.  We ate, we slept, we took care of basic needs, and we played.  We played and played and played.  We played all kinds of games, real or invented, alone or with others, and this fulfilled a real and fundamental need for us.  Then, as we grew, other tasks and responsibilities entered the picture and most often, it was the playing that diminished to make room.  But the need for play never actually disappeared; rather, we just learned to focus on it less.  Throughout the workshop, participants will get to relive some of the greatest moments of their childhoods by playing the games that once brought them so much joy and meaning but have since ceased to play such a crucial role.  As a result, they will reap the same pleasures that children do and gain a re-juvenated energy with which to conduct the multitude of their adolescent roles.