A PLACE TO FEEL LIKE YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT, and deserve a great deal of loving attention. 

For many reasons that are often either misunderstood or not considered at all, people, adults and especially adolescents, feel doubts and apprehensions about themselves or their abilities.  While they vary in terms of frequency or severity, questions of “am I good enough?” or “can I really do this?” are too quickly answered in a negative direction.  If only there was always someone there to say “yes, you are good enough” or “of course you can really do this, I believe in you,” especially someone trustworthy, fighting those negative feelings would be so much easier.  At the workshop, one of the most deeply treasured values that is cultivated is loving attention.  Participants pay careful and pointed attention to one another and provide the kind of mental and emotional support that all teens and adults crave but cannot always depend on.  Many workshop activities are designed with precisely this kind of attention and support in mind, in order to combat the negative feelings that reign supreme in day-to-day life