A PLACE TO THINK, LEARN, TALK AND PLAY, the key components of an examined life. 

The question remains.  Why would anyone, whose life is already filled to the brim with activities, plans, and commitments and whose most precious commodity is time, chose to spend his or her time at this workshop on a weekly basis?  The question is a fair one and its answer is simple.  By attending this workshop, the participant will grow and mature as a thinker and explorer of the world.  The participant will learn about him or herself and develop greater confidence.  The participant will connect deeply with peers as they explore the issues, successes and struggles that face them all.  Most importantly, the participant will figure out how to not only have big dreams but also how to achieve them.  Through lectures, exercises, games, writing activities, and listening tasks, workshop participants will discover the key elements of an examined life and carry these elements with them wherever their futures might lead.  That is the examined life promise.